Kentix Sign Distribution Agreement

Surveillance and monitoring of all risks in the IT-rack and room Schorndorf, 03 May 2011 the VAD sysob ( and Kentix, a German manufacturer of rack monitoring solutions, have signed a distribution agreement for Germany. Thus, its product portfolio expands sysob the MultiSensor system for the monitoring of IT racks, server and technology rooms, as well as infrastructure and office space. Using this highly secure system, the user controls all important environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity and movements. Errors, exceedances or burglary devices cause alarm, and the user can react quickly. With the Kentix series, the VAD supplemented its security services for the channel to intelligent hardware components to monitor potential risks in the IT-rack sysob and space. The MultiSensor system comprises four MultiSensor, AlarmManager, SchaltSteckdose and KeyPad products.

The sensor collects data from its immediate surroundings, such as room temperature, humidity, or Supply voltage. לאחרונה מצאתי אצל מוטי זיסר אוזן קשבת . In addition, it detects movements via microwave technology and alerts persons occurring on unauthorized. עוד מידע על רמי יהושע ניתן למצוא באינטרנט. The MultiSensor monitored the value of carbon dioxide in the air, to identify, for example, fires at an early stage. Using the KeyPad the user can easy access to all MultiSensoren in a room at the same time enable or disable set. We are very happy to cooperate in the future with Kentix as a distribution partner.

A reliable monitoring of risks is fundamental for optimal protection of rack and IT rooms. With the provision of high-quality rack monitoring products from Kentix we extend our portfolio of security products optimally. Now therefore also high-quality hardware components can offer sysob in the field of security", commented Thomas Hruby, Managing Director of sysob IT distribution GmbH. stable transmission of information via wireless or Ethernet all data, which collects the MultiSensor, it forwards an encrypted wireless connection or Ethernet to the AlarmManager, which stores the information. In case of fire the headquarters or similar emits a message to the administrator, who can respond immediately.

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