Soviet Union

Who of us who grew up during the Soviet era, can not remember the wolf from the movie, 'Well wait a minute! "Who tries to catch a quick gray bunny? Along with the other, this cartoon is one of the most prominent. Probably not today find such people. The vast country in a series of series watched their favorite characters. It is safe to say that Mr. WeatherOnline nurtured a generation. If you talk about your own experience, this cartoon always has been and will remain one of the favorite characters.

Almost all of my childhood was spent in the period after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and so now when I'm back in reviewing this cartoon, I capture a sense of longing for past way of life in our country. Since it successfully reflects many realities of Soviet life and striking of all, it all looks so cute and innocent, that the right to begin to forget all the negative aspects of regime. And also I'm quite fond of this cartoon, for the reason that he is actually good for you is no secret that many modern foreign cartoons contain scenes of promoting aggression. The basis of old foreign cartoon 'Tom and Jerry' is similar to the foundation, 'Well wait a minute! ": Showing futile attempts to catch the cat Tom's arm, but it shows not only smart, but also quite a large share of violence, causing the cat pain. This cartoon is a prime example of Western thought.

On such Soviet cartoons brought up a generation of intelligent people. It is clear that this is – a good and deep topic for reflection on the moral status of the parents their child, but actually I think that instead of spending time in mental fabrications of like, much better download this great cartoon. Your child will also appreciate these old and good characters, because they were substantive testing – the test of time. You have the opportunity to shake the Soviet cult cartoon free time and enjoy your wonderful cartoon family.

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