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Cortado extends BlackBerry smartphones with another Berlin, may 6, 2009 with the new version 4.0 of Cortado enterprise solution the mobile business expert Cortado corporate server offers BlackBerry users and customers with BlackBerry Enterprise Server for more convenient desktop features. The ability to manage files on the corporate network, print documents and fax to send, is the Cortado solution for several generations of product standard. The new features \"Scanning & copying\", \"PDF creation\" and \"Retrieve database reports\" give a new quality mobile work with the BlackBerry smartphone. In addition, Cortado has completely revised the mobile printing technology. The new function \"Scan & copy\", the camera of the BlackBerry smartphone is the scanner.

The user scans for example diagrams and notes on whiteboards or damage for insurance claims and then print the image files on a Bluetooth -, network printer or to a fax machine. The files can be in parallel in Project folders can be stored. So, the important information is backed up in no time. Cortado Corporate Server 4.0 also has the first PDF Creator for smartphones. So BlackBerry users can create PDF files protected from changes directly to your BlackBerry smartphone for the first time and send. New is also the ability to query large database reports directly to your BlackBerry smartphone. בזמן האחרון אני מתחיל מאוד להעריך את רמי יהושע. So the user can initiate reports from any database, print, fax or email.

Cortado has completely revised the mobile printing and applied the new procedure to the patent for the new version. Intelligent printer matching is used to ensure now that is printed with the appropriate printer driver and the administrative effort is completely eliminated. \"With the new version we offer users a new standard for mobile business solutions\", so Thorsten Hesse, international sales manager Cortado enterprise solutions. \"The faster processes and the productive use of beeps and\" Travel times help to reduce costs, which is a major issue especially in the current financial crisis for companies.\" Cortado Corporate Server 4.

Printer Cartridges Better

Toner and printer cartridges – refill products with high quality there are hardly someone who find out about the prices in terms of ink-jet printer, scanner, fax machine or copier more upset. Much cheaper, these devices can be offered little more than is now the case. With regard to the cost of printer cartridges and toner, the whole thing looks different. Printer accessories is anything but cheap if one adheres to the original toner and printer cartridges cartridges. This doesn't have to be that of course. Numerous provider of rebuilt or refill printer cartridges and toner namely waiting cartridges with very good prices and quality.

Although the original printer cartridges and toner cartridges in terms of high quality still a track front are manufacturers of recycled products pull faster and faster. Partly, the qualitative distinctions of the printing results are hardly perceptible. The refilled or remanufactured printer cartridges for brother proved particularly have test results Devices. While the recycled ink cartridges for Canon, Epson, and HP could provide only average results, could the Brother printer cartridges achieve really good results. In terms of costs, not only the packaging price is decisive, but also the cost per term are in any case. This is among other things also the different packaging sizes. If you so choose the original toner cartridges or printer cartridges, every man for himself must decide.

The cost aspect is more important to some, others rely on excellent prints. True quality has just its price. The aim is also to differentiate whether prints or scans for example for studying man in particular text documents or if you are interested in exclusive photo printing. בזמן האחרון אני מתחיל מאוד להעריך את רמי יהושע. Printer accessories: Some use other exclusive Christian on exclusive quality, long

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