Turkey Alliance

warships.UU. (e) Israel, (including an aircraft carrier), they would have passed through the Suez canal on Friday and will lead towards sea red. prior permission from the Egyptian authorities, not being disposable a preemptive attack on Iran before completion of the process of obtaining nuclear weapons, case is soon to reach a diplomatic settlement. Threats to the U.S.-Israel-Turkey Alliance: to make matters worse, the vote on extension of sanctions in the ONU against Iran, came just a week after United States pressing to make the Council not issued a tough condemnatory resolution to Israel for its attack on a humanitarian fleet that on his way to the Gaza Strip and killed nine Turkish activists, by the quepodria endanger the United States – Israel – Turkey Alliance. The diplomatic crisis between Turkey and Israel shakes the strategic military alliance in recent years, and in addition to suspend maneuvers with Israel, (Anatolian Eagle, planned for the month of October), Ankara expelled Hebrews fighters from its territory and could put an end to the presence of facilities which israeli army intelligence services (known as Aman) maintained in recent years in the eastern part of Turkey, (a base from which you could hear whispers of Tehran), by which Israel would have been forced to launch military satellite Ofek-9, which boasts high resolution cameras and which could be used to spy on Iran nuclear programme. Netanyahu, the sacrificed pawn: Tzipi Livni, the israeli opposition leader, had submitted a motion of no confidence against the Government by the handling of the crisis caused by the freedom Flotilla, a group of six ships with humanitarian aid that was attacked a week ago by the israeli Navy, when he tried to reach the coast of the Gaza Strip, with the proverbial balance of 9 passengers dead, 30 wounded and the worst diplomatic crisis facing Israel in recent years.

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