Eduardo Rodriguez Heddle

Possible breakage with one same one: Once these people walk put of plenary session in the society and directed by other people's thoughts she attacks the sensation to them to be been annoying or been annoying, everything gives to returns and returns. Why? Obvious, been giving they have returned without imposing not one passage of its inner initiative, from a site to another one until falling to the ground been annoying. It is the sensation that lets not do what it dictates your interior to you, besides this sensation, the annoyance with same itself accompanies catch by the hand or. Social rejection: Since when being single we listened to our own opinion, when being single during long time we can get to have our unique opinion like the true one, would be like having the full wax ears, not to know how to not even listen to the others a constructive thought. The rejection of those people would suppose an error as well as towards this one. What would cause that its mind by own will became crazy not to have to always live with the same routine, would flee from her sheltering itself in madness. And once arrived at madness we would be to its favor, again depending. Social phobia: The oppression sensation that can get to produce is inexpressible, drowns to you, causes that you even feel distant of same you, negative confusion with the surroundings, thoughts that affect our operation.

They are seen now clear where are the limits between the solitude and the social dependency? I myself We must look for an intermediate point that wrath varying since we are money changers and the needs not always is the same. In this section, I do not want to contribute like descubrirte, to only I am going to say a small method you: same self-evaluation and questions. I do not want to contribute simply but so that each must grow from the same, since each has its acquired limitations, their knowledge and greater or smaller facility to carry out these. Reason why each will have to become a self-evaluation and to be discovered the same by itself and, as well as to mark certain ways to follow. I do not try decirte that footpath you must take, if she said one to you would separate to you from the egoism, but that each is owner and gentleman of itself and has to do what he wants in his life. Each is owner of its feet and their steps.

I cannot take them steps by ti". So, what has been said, ahead with your projects. And much intention. Quirete, aprciate. Eduardo Rodriguez Heddle original Author and source of the article.

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