Skin Treatments

Duration baths – 10-15 minutes. Before the bath the skin around the eyes should be lubricated with fat cream. After Bath impose a scrub and a circular motion process problem areas, then scrub wash with warm water, rub the skin with lotion. Oily skin should be cleaned occasionally with egg yolk mixed with 1-2 teaspoons lemon juice and oil. Mixture 2-3 times a day, causing a cotton swab over face and neck, two minutes later washed away by water. It is also helpful to clean the skin crumb of rye bread, soaked in hot water until a state of pulp. Gruel put on the face and neck, and after 3 minutes wash with warm salty water.

Special funds for the treatment of acne: There are drugs that are used to treat acne. Some of them are: Skinoren – his action is based on the medicinal properties of azelaic acid. Which eliminates the very cause of acne by normalizing the sebaceous glands. azelaic acid – antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, so prevents the spread of bacteria and eliminate inflammation. In early use may be a slight tingling and slight taut skin, indicating that the active action drug; discomfort disappear in a few days. The final result becomes visible not less than one month: reduces redness, tenderness, swelling and skin of acne, skin becomes smooth; to achieve sustainable results require 2-3 months of targeted treatment; Zener – incorporates an antibiotic – erythromycin (kills bacteria) and zinc (reduces sebum); Baziron ac – reduces sebum and inhibits the growth of bacteria; Cosmetics ACADEMIE: Purifying Iris pencil-Zinc 17 – designed for skin with excess lipids and inflammatory elements.

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