After working several years in the same direction, the person suddenly realizes that all this time has not the fact that it's really interesting, finds himself in an unexpected talents and capabilities, which wants to implement. And before him there is a choice: leave it as is, or radically change their lives in accordance with new aspirations. Remain in the former role is difficult, and uninteresting. A sharp change of the area – scary, do not have the strength and determination. Here comes to the rescue career coaching. In the process of coaching sessions (as Typically, they need to address more than one) coach helps the client figure out what for him is really important in life, helps to define the basic values and priorities.

Coaching enables a client to take a fresh look for themselves and their opportunities to find the most appropriate use of his talents. Task Coach is here to help with his client found a type of activity that will fully satisfy it needs: enable self-realization, provide status, good salary. Simply put, the coach helps the client find a job so that he does what he likes, was content with his position and received in this good salary. If the activity is already selected, then only need to correctly build a career. To do this, first of all, we should clearly define the desired goal.

As practice shows, not everyone knows what it is they really want. Very often the choice of target is not on the basis of his personal interest, but on the basis of certain stereotypes and attitudes introduced from outside. Adherence to stereotypes, sooner or later leads to disappointment in life in general and in their work in particular. Meanwhile, everyone has their priorities in life. For some, it plays a major role income for someone in the first place social status, and someone needs the power of options here …

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