Camera Integrated

By the way, headphones that come bundled can not boast of the purity and depth of sound, and their replacement creates a small problem related to non-standard headphone jack. In principle, there are adapters available that allow to solve this issue. Camera Integrated 0.3 megapixel camera lets you capture resolution of 640×480 pixels. The photographs can be put in contact or to send via MMS. A nice feature is the ability to use your phone as a webcam when connected to a PC. In addition to multimedia integrated mp3-player and FM-radio present a video player that allows you to watch videos and movies in the format mp4 and 3gp. In the audio player is the ability to switch tracks by shaking the phone.

For correct playback video video conversion required under resolution phone. There is also a digital voice recorder, recording time depends on the available phone memory. Phone One of the main features of the phone is Support work with two SIM-cards simultaneously. Dialing, you can simply choose "Simka", which will make a call, everything works without any complaints. Very handy feature, saving the need to carry around personal and business phones.

Both simok can send messages, MMS, accessing the Internet. It is very convenient, with SIM-card with competitive rates for calls and messages, use a second SIM-card with cheap GPRS-traffic. Telephone book supports up to 1000 records, also supports copy contacts from SIM-card and phone memory and move contacts from one SIM-card to another. At each contact, you can put a melody, a photo or video.

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