Motivational event in this context is usually a 3-5-day Event (event; actually, this is the direct meaning of the event in English), in the form of which is conducted internal corporate training, there is evening entertainment, the time to separate 1-2-day plain air-training (from English. – outdoors). His goal – improving group, or as we called, the command cohesion. Here, I would advise not to confuse the group and team cohesion and teamwork. As a team, despite a common misconception to this topic – this is not a team in which all support each other and are ready at any moment to help, but one in which every man in his place professionally perform their functions within the coherent, cohesive system. I will translate: If the first variant, the emphasis is on mutual aid, in the second – on the responsibility and professionalism.

The second is quite difficult to teach, and this is done on the socio-psychological training. And the first Bread is for the companies that own technologies like rope training, outreach and group interactive (from the English. experience – experience, skill) games, and special custom Event. These trainings, despite his seemingly unpretentious (if you do not pay attention to the equipment used), bring a very real result, which is not so easy to reach by other methods. Any group of people, even perfect strangers, qualitatively acquainted with each other and within a short period of time becomes a cohesive team, ready to work. And this team has already distributed all the roles, and all participants are familiar with the rules games in the group. True, there is a pronounced competition, but that's another recently referred to the group training. Ideally, such training can and should be ordered at least once a year and a half each organization during the convention to sum up, as a tool to achieve the team, but I would say – the collective cohesion.

Other trainings. The market is now flooded with an enormous amount of training technologies. How many areas of counseling, therapy, counseling, and many areas of training. If today the European Association for Psychotherapy registered more than 400 separate directions only to psychotherapy, you can imagine how many areas of training can be presented on the market today. One of them – authoring, second – certified in a particular psychological direction of the program, third – seminars, which are nothing else as a demo version of recycled books, the fourth – a frank profanity and showing off, yet some – just inexperience. But not me and not here to judge. There are lots of various other training courses. Have open training sessions, has closed. There is a day trainings, there are evening. There are psychological, there is therapeutic. And there are concepts such as intuition and faith. Here, in addition to these remarkable words, nothing else will help you in your choice. It is impossible to describe and evaluate all kinds, types, classes and group training. Some of them are good, others less so. If you believe in the theory, which stands at the heart of the training, – order, visit – and will give you. If you feel that the logic of something broken, something here is not – do not take chances. In concluding this part of the story, I once again invite both professional trainers and willing to participate in training to informed discussion of all matters related to this topic. The next time we talk about the typical and ideal training, but also about who holds and can provide training.

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