The Correction

Continuing we can see that this sadness at the moment does not produce something good, but later it goes if become in joy and satisfaction for knowing that it was for love and it does not stop our rejection before God; it reads E, in the truth, all the correction, to the gift, does not seem to be of joy, seno of sadness, but later it produces a fruit Pacific of justice in the exercised ones for it. Hebrews 12:11, following We can perceive that apostolo Peter in its letter said that the judgment or to seem of God starts first in its house that is in its church and this no longer present time: Because already it is time that starts the judgment for the house of God; e, if first starts for us, which will be the end of that they are disobedient to evangelho of God? 1 Peter 4:17 in this sequence we can say that Peter wise person very well which age the end of that disobeys evangelho of God, would be the final judgment, the question who we treat and the form here as some shepherds and preachers place, for example the text of Daniel who says on the resurrection and the text of the judgment of the nations in Mateus. They mention themselves to a judgment who involve believers and mpios, and are then one ask > also the believers will be being judged in the final judgment and if this will have bedding backwards one doubts on that they can say: we will only know if we are safe in that day, and where it is the certainty of salvation? the hope of the promise promised in Joo 5:24 in Joo 10: I give to them perpetual life to it, and they never have to perish, and it will arrebatar nobody them of my hand. .

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